Can you survive by eating only one type of food?

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A man called Andrew Taylor got famous in 2016 for eating only white and sweet potatoes for a year. Occasionally, he added soya milk, tomato sauce, salt and spices. He also took B12 supplements, but he only ate potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

His blood was tested four times during the year and he states the results were normal. Andrew also claimed he felt full of energy.

Despite Andrew’s experiment, it is not good to eat only one type of food. In order to survive, we need 20 different types of amino acids, out of which nine are essential.

White potato contains all the essential amino acids necessary to build proteins, repair cells and fight disease. Five white potatoes per day would provide you with enough of these substances.

However, relying only on potato would soon lead to the lack of vitamins and minerals in your body. This is where sweet potato takes place and provides you with a lot of vitamin A and E. Still, you would need to eat a lot of potatoes every day to provide your body with all the necessary substances. For example, five white potatoes will provide enough essential amino acids, but you would need 25 of these to have enough for protein building.

To conclude, you could survive by eating only one type of food, but no nutritionist would recommend it.

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